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Your drip is killing... literally

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

On Sunday you posted a photo of yourself with a caption that says, “City gurl wknd”. The post racked up 358 likes and 67 comments like “SLAYYY” and “POP OFFF” that give you validation. You feel great about yourself. A couple days pass by which weren’t that great, so you look into your wardrobe to find another dress to post with. You take out all your clothes, but to your dismay you don’t find anything because it’s not “giving”, but deep inside you know it’s because “I can’t take another picture in it because the 'Gram’s already seen it.” So, you give Midtown a visit, spend a hundred dollars, at Aritzia, Dynamite and H&M, only to wear those clothes twice and then toss 'em in the bin. Sounds shallow, right? Don’t worry, I am not talking about you, or am I?

In the 1990s, the typical Canadian bought about twelve new articles of clothing every year. Now the average Canadian buys 72 new pieces a year, largely due to this dominant force in the clothing industry: fast fashion. Fast fashion is a series of chain retailers who can basically look at the runways and make garments quickly and cheaply. Fast fashion is also about, when we say fast, it doesn’t last in your wardrobe very long.

How y'all trynna put up a straight face.

More coming soon...

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